Conveyor belts


Industrial conveyor belts can move a multitude of bulk materials and of different dimensions. They provide an efficient way to convey certain solid materials within a production plant, an industrial warehouse, or any logistics company.


The operation of a conveyor belt consists of the continuous movement of a belt mounted on platforms with variable dimensions and which may have different types of accessories (side guards, stops, diverters, railings, wheels, and other types of pneumatic or mechanical accessories). Speed and load capacity will depend both on the characteristics of the material to be conveyed (dust, fine grain, packages, etc.) and the type of conveyor belt.

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Increases efficiency and productivity.
Various length and width options depending on the material and dimensions to be conveyed.
Convex drive or deflection rollers to facilitate adjustment and central drive on the body of the belt.
Great resistance and long useful life.
Reduces manual work while optimising production.
Ensures mobilisation of inputs and supplies at any stage of production at the speed required.
High product flexibility and adaptability.

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