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At GMdix Industrial Engineering, we have extensive experience in the food industry, having worked with highly specialised multinationals focused on innovation and productivity improvement, to whom we have offered all types of solutions, both integral installations and partial improvements.

At GMdix, we are experts in the development of integral industrial projects. We offer solutions in different areas related to process engineering: mechanical, electrical, and automation, as well as in the conveying of solids and liquids.

We have a large, multidisciplinary team that enables us a broad capacity to respond to eventualities. We are able to allocate resources immediately with 365/24 availability.

We are also able to provide solutions to smaller clients with other types of less complex needs, offering our know-how to introduce innovative improvements that otherwise would be out of reach, enabling our smaller clients a sustainable but continuous growth over time, and with total certainty when it comes to results.

Processes in the food industry

Sectors in which we work

We have experience in the design and implementation of processes in the food industry such as: baking and pastry industry, honey and jams, vegetables, spices, dairy products, nuts, cocoa and chocolate. We carry out complete turnkey processing plants, or partial projects, in accordance with the hygiene and safety standards required by the sector.


Bakery and Patisserie






Honey and Jams


Dried fruit and nuts







The most important food industry projects we have executed


At GMdix Industrial Engineering we began our activity in the world of process engineering and in the conveying of solids and liquids wanting to offer a service capable of improving the results of the industries in which we work.

Guarantees we offer to our clients

GMDix Commitment

Adherence to Deadlines

One of the biggest concerns of our customers is interruptions in production processes. For this reason, a fundamental part of our work focuses on the plant impact study, adapting the manufacturing, conveying, and installation processes to reduce these stops to a minimum while adhering to deadlines.


We offer quick and suitable service to the needs of the client. Total availability in the face of any unforeseen event or urgency is one of our maxims.
We solve any incident quickly and efficiently, while attempting to impact our clients’ production processes as little as possible.

Know How

Having worked on a multitude of projects with different problems and challenges allows us to leverage the knowledge acquired. Thus, whenever we detect opportunities for improvement, we transfer them to our clients and consequently to the projects. Our premise is to maximise the productivity of our solutions.

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