Liquids Conveying


Liquids Conveying

At GMdix Process Engineering, we are experts in carrying out integral industrial fluid installations. Our services include the design and assembly of industrial installations, as well as the manufacturing of equipment for the conveying of complex, corrosive, abrasive, and viscous liquids at high temperature or pressure, even in supercritical state.

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We have a multidisciplinary team of experts in the comprehensive management of industrial projects. We carry out the initial design, equipment manufacturing, process automation, and commissioning.


We work hand in hand with our clients during each project phase with the aim of obtaining maximum efficiency in the industrial plants in which we operate.


We are accustomed to working in complex environments, for example, with food safety issues, limited delivery times, or fire hazard environments.
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We have in-depth knowledge of, and comply with, the exhaustive regulations of each industry in which we work. We have all the certificates and an ERP for the comprehensive management of our projects, ensuring quality at every stage.

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