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We are a company dedicated to industrial process engineering. At GMdix we are experts in the conveying of solids and liquids and process automation. We carry out industrial projects completely adapted to the specific needs of each client. We offer partial as well as complete turnkey engineering projects.

Given our experience in the process industry and our team of engineers, we offer the most effective and efficient solutions for our clients. Our main objective is to maximize the profitability of each client’s investment.

Solids conveying

We offer engineering services for the conveying of solids. We have solutions for both mechanical and pneumatic conveying, adopting the best solution according to the type of installation, materials, etc.

Liquids Conveying

We are specialists in projects for the conveying of liquids for complex, corrosive, abrasive, and viscous products at high temperature or pressure, even in supercritical state.

Process automation

We have a highly qualified team of expert programmers in HMI, SCADA, MES, and MON technologies.

In-house manufacturing of components and equipment

We have our own workshop of more than 4,500 m2 where we manufacture our own industrial equipment, which enables us to adapt each machine to the requirements of the client while completely controlling the materials and processes at all times.

State-of-the-art technology

We apply the latest technology to all our engineering projects, which gives us a differential value. Laser Scanning, for example, allows us to obtain exact data on the geometry and radiometry of an object or environment. The technology we use enables cost and time savings and provides quality to our engineering proposals.


We offer training for our clients so that the entire team that operates the new installation have the appropriate knowledge for the correct management of the machinery and the processes implemented.

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