Manufacturing of industrial equipment


Manufacturing of machinery and industrial equipment

At GMdix Process Engineering, we manufacture process machinery and equipment for the food, cosmetics, chemical, and mineral industries. We have our own workshop of more than 4,500 m2, where we design and manufacture equipment for production plants.

As we are able to produce our own machinery, we have the advantage of being able to fully adapt to the requirements of each client.

Manufacturers of equipment for production plants

Quality, efficiency, and performance

Motivated to always achieve the highest quality, efficiency, and performance of products for our clients, we are fully committed to innovation to improve each process. We become partners where cooperation achieves cost reduction and differentiation.


Premium Quality

Given our experience, we are able to produce the highest quality equipment suitable for the solutions that each of our customers require.

Adaptation to regulations

For us it is very important to comply with standards. We are aware of, and comply with, the exhaustive regulations in industries, such as food and cosmetics, with strict hygiene and health standards.

Working hand in hand with clients

With the aim of maximum performance of our equipment, we work hand in hand with our clients during the development phase, and once the project is completed, to review any areas or provide training to the work teams.

Ad Hoc Solutions

We review each project in detail so that we address all critical aspects. We tailor the equipment to each client so that each solution is as effective and efficient as possible.

Industrial processing equipment

Industrial equipment manufactured by GMdix

We have experience in food and beverage processing such as: baked goods and pastries, honey and jams, vegetables, spices, dairy products, nuts, cocoa and chocolate, as well as in the cosmetics, chemical, and mineral industries. See some of the equipment manufactured in our industrial workshop below.

Our Equipment

Solutions for solid and liquid industrial processes