Industrial Reactor

Application of industrial reactors

Reactors are used in different processes required in applications for the manufacture of creams and lotions in both the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. They are also used for the preparation of emulsions, as well as any type of exothermic or endothermic process in the chemical and food industries.

Reactor operation

Reactors are industrial equipment used to produce changes stemming from chemical reactions.

This equipment operates in batches in which all components involved in the chemical reaction are introduced. Through agitation and thermal exchange processes, the chemical reaction is produced, resulting in the final product. This may be through exothermic or endothermic processes, which can be carried out in the same equipment or through recirculation, such as: Recirculation through blender, recirculation through heat exchanger, etc.

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Technical characteristics of an industrial reactor

From 50 L to 50,000 L.
Absolute vacuum design and pressure up to 50 bar.
Temperature from -60ºC to +300ºC.
Designed for batch work.
Heating and cooling system through jacketing, dimplate, or half-round.
Agitation system: Axial or radial flow and combined dual flow helices, counter-rotating agitators, helical anchors, lateral agitators, emulsifier, cowling.
Turbulent or laminar agitation, up to 500,000 cps.
Powers available from 0.5 KW to 300 KW.
Materials available: Stainless steel: 304, 316, 316Ti and Carbon Steel.
Polished interior finishes, from Ra ≤ 1.2 µm to Ra ≤ 0.2 µm.
Thermal insulation for cold or heat.
ATEX execution available.
Instruments: Weighing system using cells, radar level, temperature, viscosity, pressure, maximum and minimum levels
CIP system adaptation.

Advantages of the reactor

High conversion per volume unit.
Operational flexibility in operations: the ability to manufacture a multitude of products with the same mechanical configuration.
Possibility of a high degree of automation.
Cleanable using CIP.

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