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Industrial Automation

At GMdix Process Engineering, we have a highly qualified team for the industrial process automation for each project and development we carry out.

Industrial automation systems enable control and monitoring of machines, specific processes, and entire plants. These systems perform repetitive tasks to obtain updated data in real time. The main benefits obtained by companies through the implementation of these automated systems is increased productivity and quality by eliminating human error and optimising the uniformity of the final product.

We automate processes in the food, cosmetic, chemical, and mineral industries.

What automation solutions do we offer?

Automation engineering for industries

Please see the process automation services we offer below. We manage the installation of data collection sensors (or PLC systems) as well as plant management systems, such as MOM and MES, which are integrated directly with the ERP to facilitate comprehensive plant management.


Project engineering

We carry out the design and adaptation of industrial networks, unifying the entire plant on one server. We also carry out the project’s electrical design and automation optimisation.
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PLC System

We program customised PLC systems according to the needs of each project. Among the different tasks that a PLC can perform is the capture and detection of data and execution of control and monitoring of a machine, process, or plant.
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We run HMI and SCADA interfaces that aim to show operators visual information about the status of different parameters of a given process in real time.
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We develop MES and MOM systems for control, monitoring, and management of production processes. Implementation of these systems ensures correct execution and management of operations. Production performance is optimised through control of stock and consumption, while helping to improve the quality of the final product.
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We take care of the implementation by testing the programming, communicating with the client and training the client's team on the development.
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Servicio post venta

Post-Sale Service

We have a customer service department at our clients' disposal to solve any incident or problem that may arise.
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Industrial automation systems (IA)

Industria 4.0


Automation project engineering

Design and adaptation of industrial networks:

We select the most modern field buses (ProfiNet, Ethernet/IP, IOLink, AS-i), although we work with any type (Profibus, Modbus, Serial, etc.)
We adapt the existing plant networks to be unified in a server in which all necessary data is collected.

Electrical design:

Selection of the most suitable equipment and location for the project.
Selection of optimal instrumentation for the process and integration with the control system.


Development of automation function optimised for process requirements.

Development of PLC systems

PLC systems are used to automatically manage the control systems of industrial electrical installations.

In this way, programmable controllers, or PLCs, enable different types of control of the plant in which they are programmed, such as: discrete control, analogue control, PID control, position control, motor control, serial communication, and high-speed network connection.

Among the advantages of the use of programmable controllers is that they are easier to correct and more reliable, economical, and versatile than other technologies.


Development of object-oriented programming for full integration with the monitoring system.
Siemens (TIA PORTAL, STEP7, PCS7), Omron, Schneider, Rockwell, etc.

HMI / SCADA Plant monitoring and control systems

We execute SCADA systems (Supervision, Control, and Data Acquisition) that offer all the necessary information for the monitoring and control of a production plant. Also, if required for the project, we execute decentralised HMI systems (Human Machine Interface or also called an “Operation Panel” through which the operator has access to the machine) which is integrated with the plant PLCs.

SCADA systems enable comprehensive control of the entire plant in real time, being able to correct any issue or deviation that may arise. It includes:

Traceability of operator actions.
Production logs.
Process value logs.
Alarm logs and notification configuration.
User management.

Technologies used for the development of SCADA systems:

Siemens (WinCC Unified, WinCC Professional, WinCC Flexible), Omron, Wonderware, Schneider, Rockwell, etc.
Automatización industrial

MOM / MES system for production management

The MOM and MES systems capture and monitor all production data such as: materials (BOM), operators (schedules), active/stop times, energy, consumption, rejects, speed drops, etc., obtaining as a result the total costs of the manufactured product.

MOM / MES production management:

Management of efficiencies and downtime (OEE/DTM).
Real-time information for preventive maintenance.
Real-time control of planning and execution.
Increased product quality through improved precision.
Reduction of downtime.
Reduction of handling times by the operator.
Production reporting.
Material management: Control of stock and consumption.
Connection with SCADA and ERP.


The operational knowledge of the process engineers of each machine and their processes makes it possible for highly precise commissioning to be carried out in a shorter period of time. Commissioning phases:


Our team will launch the programmed process and test it to ensure optimal behaviour.


We are in continuous communication with the client for any required readjustment or improvement of the process.


We offer training to the entire team so that they are fully knowledgeable and can control the developments carried out.

After-Sales Service

After commissioning, we address any needs our clients may have.

Customer Service

Customer service 24/7 to solve possible incidents or issues that may arise during process operation.

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