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At GMdix process engineering, we comprehensively manage industrial projects. We carry out turnkey industrial projects, completing both the design and construction, as well as the manufacturing of process equipment and automation and commissioning of all types of industrial installations.

We strive for maximum profitability for our clients, which is why we offer experienced-based solutions that include not only management and coordination, but also the implementation of process technology.


Project Study and Design

We analyse projects in great detail in order to propose the optimal solution for achieving maximum efficiency and profitability for our clients’ investments.

In this initial phase, we look for solutions that meet our clients' expectations. To do this, we design the projects in a personalised and detailed manner in order to avoid unforeseen events and to meet the time and cost objectives.


Advice and Accompaniment

As the project progresses, we advise the client in each of the areas and phases of the project's implementation. The goal is to provide support so that the client does not feel overwhelmed by the large number of decisions to be made. We also seek to optimise each of the processes.

Management and coordination

We carry out the integral management of the plant construction, engineering, and subcontractors, as well as the general coordination of resources. We have worked with more than 200 clients, meaning our experience is an added value.

Phases of turnkey projects

Development stages of an industrial project

Analysis of the client's objectives and needs
Engineering project study
Solution design
Solution execution phase
Installation commissioning
Installation monitoring

Advantages of contracting turnkey industrial projects

Project Management - EPC Engineering, Procurement and Construction Intelligent

There are many benefits for which turnkey projects are the best option for industrial projects. All the advantages of EPC projects revolve around three basic criteria: time, resources, and investment.

Time savings

As there is a single point of contact, communication is more fluid and faster.
It prevents mistakes and misunderstandings. As a single company designs and executes the project, problems in this regard may be avoided.
Enables faster decision-making and reduces implementation time.
Defined delivery time.

Cost savings

Turnkey projects represent greater savings than contracting different companies for each area of the project, as there is only one point of contact, as well as greater control over contingencies and deviations.
By having a multidisciplinary team capable of carrying out the design, execution, and commissioning, conflicts are reduced and therefore corresponding costs.
Reduction of contingencies and additional work.


The different professionals responsible for the work ensure quality in each phase, while preventing errors and problems.
Comprehensive project management makes it possible to reduce errors and to better control contingencies.
Greater commitment and guarantees. Compliance with regulations and quality standards.

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