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Process engineering for the cosmetics industry

Solutions for the cosmetics industry

At GMdix Process Engineering, we have extensive experience working with companies in the cosmetics industry for which we have developed high value-added products and generated innovative solutions. Among the services we offer is advising our clients on their projects. We contribute our know-how to solve any needs that arise, including development of entire plants.

Furthermore, aware of the strict regulatory framework that the sector faces, we provide legally ready solutions that meet the highest quality standards.

We are also able to provide solutions to smaller clients with less complex needs by offering our experience in a way that enables us to introduce innovative improvements that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Process engineering for the cosmetics industry

Solutions for the partial or integral execution of cosmetics plants

We offer solutions for partial or complete execution of a cosmetic product manufacturing plant where we implement emulsion, homogenisation, storage, dosing, cleaning, and automation processes. We have experience in the development of products for personal care, hygiene, and beauty, having executed innovative solutions resulting in considerable time, quality, and cost improvements.


Processes in the cosmetics industry

Sectors in which we work

We have experience in the development of engineering projects for cosmetic plant processes, in the manufacturing of personal care, hygiene and beauty products. We carry out complete turnkey processing plants or partial projects in accordance with the exhaustive regulations required by the sector.


Personal Care



The most important cosmetics industry projects we have executed

Acompañamos a nuestros clientes en el desarrollo de productos únicos que les ayude a mejorar su competitividad el producto final. Estudiamos cada caso de forma pormenorizada para poder desarrollar soluciones ad hoc de acuerdo a las condiciones tanto de sus instalaciones, como a las características propias de los productos que quieren producir.

Guarantees that we offer to our clients

GMdix Commitment


We apply our accumulated Know How to design new industrial solutions that enable us to improve the results of the companies with whom we work in the cosmetic sector.


Given our knowledge of the sector and experience, we provide legally ready solutions that comply with the strict regulations required by the cosmetic industry.


All our processes comply with the quality standards of ISO 9001, resulting in industrial solutions designed and executed to meet the very high-quality levels required of cosmetic products.

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