New cosmetics plant

Summary Project

Comprehensive design and assembly of a cosmetics plant

Design and assembly of turnkey cosmetics production plant to produce 15T/h of finished product.

The plant consists of two 20T and two 10T reactors with all raw materials automatically conveyed to the reactors themselves. Once the product is manufactured, it is stored in a 350 m3 warehouse. From the warehouse it is pumped to the packaging lines and 5 PICS were quickly installed from the line to the packaging machines.

  • Industry: Cosmetic
  • Type: Liquids
  • Material: Creams and shampoos
  • Equipment: Silos, tanks, dosing, CIP

Challenge and solution

One of the most significant challenges was:
To facilitate operator work
The plant was designed to be all on the same floor, both the reactor heads as well as the support of the warehouse and packaging machine, facilitating the work of the operators.