Expansion of cosmetics plant

Project Summary

Process automation in a new cosmetics plant

In this industrial project, the automation of all elements required for the manufacture of the final product was designed.

All reactors with load cells were installed in an automaton. All raw materials were installed in stainless steel piping from tanks to reactors with automatic valves and directed from the automaton to the load cell.

  • Industry: Cosmetic
  • Type: Liquids
  • Material: Creams, shampoos, hair gels, etc.
  • Equipment: Silos, tanks, dosing, CIP

Challenge and solution

One of the most significant challenges was:
Project execution during normal factory operation
The project was complex in that it was carried it out while the rest of the factory was still in normal operation. Thus, the organization of the different steps that defined the project had to be planned in great detail so as not to affect production.